Important Notice

So as some of you might have noticed my site was down for the past couple of months. In have not been v& or anything like that. Unfortunately there was some dedicated fuckhead who spent enough time trying to get me banned from the VPS hosts that I used.

As I'm back to crappy scaleway I'm looking for some VPS host that actually cares about freedom of speech (don't recommend flokinet, they've demonstrated that they don't give jack's shit abougt that) and it's possible that my site might go down again so I would recommend for you to clone the git repository if it's up.

I've seen that some people have been concerned about me being v& and other such things but don't worry, that isn't the case. I've just been pretty busy with real-life things and haven't had the time to find a new place to host my site, again the suggestions for that are welcome.

I haven't been served any gag orders and I haven't recorded willingly or unwillingly (afaik) any identifying or unientifying data about the visitors to my site. So if you're concerned about reading the blog that could possibly be illegal in couple of countries (canada, australia) where feedom of speech is not a thing and the legistlation actively tries to limit, don't worry.

Here is a link to the clearsigned version of this page if the signatures in git commits aren't enough.